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Our baby girl, Chloe, was with us for 13 years. Throughout her life she needed surgeries and then she was diagnosed with diabetes. The many medications that followed her for the rest of her life cost us thousands of dollars. We remembered thinking:

 “What happens to those fur babies when an owner cannot afford medical necessities to keep them alive, let alone the continuing medications?"


Sadly, we found that many pets where euthanized, simply because of the cost of surgery, medications and so many other reasons all because of costs.  Our girl had diabetes at six years old and because of the insulin, needles, eye drops, specialty foods and specialty care, we had the option to euthanize her! Instead, we treated her until she was 13 years old, doubling her life! We also know that veterinarians have large amounts of school debt and have the knowledge to save our pet, but we cannot expect them to do this for free as they have families themselves and we all want to make a living. So how do we help?  


This is where “Chloe’s Legacy” comes into play. We know that we will not be able to help every owner who cannot afford these large costs. But with your personal support and support from companies, we can make a dent in helping.  We raise money by hosting LARGE community events in YOUR community and ours. We also make sure the money you donate is money that goes directly to your veterinarian.  Which helps get those pets the care they need so that they can have a healthier life without being euthanized. Sometimes owners make the decision they cannot afford this treatment and decide to give their pet away. How painful it must be to that owner, not to mention the pet not understanding why they are removed from their family. 

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