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Please donate by choosing which option you prefer below

All Donations on this page will go to Hagerstown, MD


(One time donation only)

A onetime donation can also help save a life.

Any donation is a donation worth giving. So many pets are unable to be treated just because many families cannot pay for services. 


(The memberships below re reoccurring and can be canceled at any time)

$10.00 per month - Annual Checkup for pets

$15.00 per month - Help those that need medications

$25.00 per month - Helps those that need surgery

$50.00 per month - Helps Veterinarians to refer clients for specialty services.

Cancel your monthly membership at any time by contacting us.

We us ZEFFY as our credit card processing company, they are SECURE and will ask for an additional fee which you do not have to pay!  While other platforms charge 3-10% in fees, Zeffy is the only fundraising company that ensures 100% of your payment goes to Chloe's Last Wish Foundation.
Zeffy is funded solely through contributions made by supporters like you.
IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE CHARGED THIS EXTRA CHARGE. Simply "Click" on their pull-down tab and select "OTHER" and put "0" to not donate to them. 
Special Thanks To our Bronze Donors
($25.00 to $99.00)
Special Thanks To our Silver Donors
($100.00 to $499.00)
Special Thanks To our
Gold Donors

($500.00 to $1,000.00)
Robin - Falling Waters, WV - 
Brenda - Hagerstown, MD - $100.00  
Jody - Mercersburg, PA - $100.00
Sharon & Bobby- Chambersburg, PA $1,000.00
If you would like to send a check:
please make checks payable to Chloe's Last Wish Foundation and send to the address below. 
Chloe's Last Wish Foundation
P.O. Box 823
Greencastle, PA 17225
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